Services & Fee

Stock Brokerage 
In Cooperation with other leading brokerage firms, we provide the channel for clients to trade US stocks and other major Asian stocks as well. 

Our Research constantly conducts in depth investigation and analysis in the business and potentials of listed companies in Hong Kong. In the light of economic and situation changes in China and Hong Kong, it publishes timely research reports and holds investment conferences regularly so as to keep investors informed and recommend quality stocks to investors in both regions. 

The close relationship between Wintech and a number of financial institutions and securities trading parties in China enables us to actively participate in a series of corporate finance services which include, among others, financial advising, underwriting and related consulting services. One of our major objectives would be to assist PRC enterprises with good growth potentials to be successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchanges or overseas markets. 


Company Information

Broker Wintech Securities Limited
CCASS Number B01732
Broker Code 4410, 4418, 4419
Settlement Date T+2

Trading Cost

Brokerage 0.25% - 0.5% (Min HK$88) (adjustable)
Stamp Duty HK$1.00 for every HK$1,000 (round up to nearest HKD)
Transaction Levy 0.0027% of the transaction amount
Clearing Fee 0.005% of the transaction amount (Min HK$2)
Trading Fee 0.005% of the transaction amount

Fund Settlement

Purchase Stock Issue Cheque WINTECH SECURITIES LIMITED / 盈泰证券有限公司
Bank-in Account HSBC HK HKD A/C No. 500-630983-001 or 
Bank of China HKD A/C No. 012-806-000-16613 or 
Standard Chartered HKD A/C No. 003-447-0-072703-8 or
Standard Chartered CNY A/C No. 447-0-778695-1
Sold Stock   Bank-in to your assigned bank or
Keeping in our trustee A/C

Interest Rate

Trustee A/C According to HK Bank saving rate (Over HK$10,000)
Debit Balance Prime rate + 4% (over HK$1,000)

Nominees Services

SI Withdrawal 0.005% x (Quantity x Last day closing price)
(Min HK$100 Max HK$500)
Physical Stock Deposit HK$5.00 per lot for transfer deed stamp duty (T/D)
 + Handling charge HK$50/share
Physical Stock W/D Charges HK$3.5 per lot + Handling charge HK$100/share
Cash Dividend Handling charges = 0.5% of dividend amount
(Min HK$20 Max HK$10,000)
Scrip fee = HK$1.50 per lot (street name)
Deemed Book Close Register HK$0.75 per lot
Offer/Rights/Warrant/Bonus Scrip fee = HK$1.50 per lot (street name)
Subscription –  
Offer/Rights/Warrant Corporate action fee = HK$0.80 per lot (Min HK$10)
 + Handling charge HK$100/share
Cash Offer/Auto Exercise Corporate action fee = HK$0.80 per lot (Min HK$10)
 + Handling charges 0.5% of amount (Min HK$100)

Other Charges

Bounced Cheque Charges Primary bounced = HK$150 
Twice bounced = HK$500
Fast Payment (FPSID) (HKD500,000 below) HK$15, (HKD500,000-1,000,000) HK$25

Fees and commission are subject to revision without notice. There are certain charges for specific services that are not included here. These charges effective on 19 August 2019.