Account Opening
  1. Procedure of Account Opening and Settlement
    An investor could begin trading in stocks once a trading agreement has been executed and deposit for relevant trading account transferred to our designated bank accounts. The account opening deposit could be made by personal cheque, bank draft and cash through depositing directly to our designated bank accounts. (See 4. for Deposit Method). Clients who have deposited by bank draft or cash could begin trading immediately thereafter and two working days lapse time is required for those opt for personal cheque deposits.
  2. Trading Regulation
    1. Trading Hours
      9: 00am to 12:00pm , 13:00pm to 16:00pm Monday to Friday (Except Public Holidays)
    2. Trading Procedure
      1. Place Order by phone 
        A trading order could be placed to our Account Executive or Account Manager during the trading hours mentioned above. If alternation or cancellation of trading order is to be made, the client has to notify relevant Account Executive or Account Manager prior to its execution and before a new trading order is placed.
      2. Place Order through Internet  
        If a client wishes to place trading order through Internet , he/she should fill out and execute an Internet Securities Trading Agreement prior to placing of trading order.
    3. Trading Order
      1. Buy : When a buy order is placed, a client should make sure that there is sufficient sum in the account or stock of equivalent value. Also, Wintech may, in the light of the client𠏋 financial standing, grant an extra credit facility to the client. Therefore, the client𠏋 total credit limit would therefore equal to the cash balance in the account or value of stocks plus credit facility granted.
      2. Sell : A client should make sure that it has sufficient amount of stock for settlement purpose.
      3. Market Order : A trading order will be made immediately and basing on prevailing market price when a market order is being placed
      4. Wintech could place a trading order with price limits set by the client
    4. Settlement
      All transactions have to be settled before the end of the second trading day.
      Buy: A client should deposit the trading amount, trading fee and brokerage commission on the settlement day. The fee and commissions mentioned above will be debited at the settlement day and corresponding stocks traded will also be placed in the account.
      Sell: the net amount after the trading transaction will be credited to the client𠏋 account and the corresponding stocks withdrawn on the settlement day.

  3. Payment Method
    A client could choose any of the following methods to settle deposits or fees:
    1. A client could visit Wintech’s Settlement Department on or before 12:00pm of a trading day and lodge cheque or bank draft with required sum. All cheques should be drawn and payable to “Wintech Securities Limited”, with Account Name and Account Number clearly written on the back of the cheque(s) or
    2. A client could deposit the cheque, bank draft or cash into any of Wintech’s designated bank accounts and write legibly on the pay-in slip relevant Account Name and Account Number. The bank endorsed pay-in slip should be sent or faxed to Wintech (852) 2861 2277 and notify the client’s Account Executive or Account Manager before 16:00pm.
    3. In any circumstance, a client should forward the cheque, bank draft to Wintech before 12:00pm, or fax the endorsed bank pay-in slip to Wintech before 16:00pm. Late arrival could only be processed in the next business day.
  4. Withdrawal Method 
    A client may withdrawal fund from the following ways:
    1. Pick up the cheque by visiting our office (Please give advance notice of the actual amount to be withdraw beforehand); Or
    2. If a client wishes to withdraw the net amount from his/her account, please fill up a withdrawal notice form and notify our Account Executive or Account Manager before 11:00am. Notification received after the stipulated time will be processed in the next business day.
  5. Trading Record and Statement of Accounts 
    All completed trading transactions will be recorded in the statement of accounts. To protect the client’s interests, the original statement of account will be mailed directly to the client.